Innovation From Concept to Commercialization

Enhancing the Energy Customer Experience Through Responsible Innovation

ULC Technologies confronts energy industry challenges head-on to revolutionize utility operations. The use of our innovative technology helps our customers maintain the socially and environmentally responsible practices necessary to benefit their customers.

Responsible Innovation

ULC Technologies is regarded as a pioneer in robotics, technologies and UAS solutions for the energy and utility markets. Since its start in 2001, the focus of ULC has always been the improvement of utility operations and the support of infrastructure improvement.

ULC holds itself to the highest standards to provide its customers with cutting-edge technology to advance the inspection and repair process. Our practice of “responsible innovation” means that each solution we devise helps utilities minimize their environmental impact, reduce social disruption, and enhance community safety.

environmental responsibility

Minimize Environmental Impact

ULC is developing advanced robotics to support net-zero goals and reduce carbon emissions. Technologies developed by our engineers are reducing pipeline methane leakage and eliminating the need to vent natural gas into the atmosphere.

reduce social disruption

Reduce Social Disruption

In order to repair and maintain buried infrastructure, energy utilities perform hundreds of thousands of costly, disruptive street excavations annually. The robotic systems we develop allow for significantly fewer excavations, minimizing the disruption and expense associated with such street work.

community safety

Enhance Community Safety

Through the development and deployment of robotic and unmanned aerial systems, ULC Technologies and ULC Pipeline Robotics enable rapid response to outages and emergency situations. Our technologies also provide unparalleled insight into infrastructure conditions, allowing for the identification of potential issues before they can even unfold.


Percentage of US Highways Covered by Work Zones:

Percentage of Non-Recurring Congestion Caused by Work Zones:

Hours of Delays per Year:

Cost of Time and Fuel Wasted:

Whitepapers & Reports

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Whitepaper: The Social and Environmental Benefits of Pipeline Robotics

CISBOT is a revolutionary technology which enables gas utilities to reduce the cost of rehabilitating aging cast iron pipeline. Since 2010 utilities have used CISBOT to reduce operation costs, minimize their carbon footprint, and improve their customer experience.

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Improving the Energy Customer Experience

Enhanced System Reliability

We’re partnering with electric utilities to efficiently and cost-effectively identify outages waiting to happen using unmanned aerial inspection technology.

Keeping Customers Connected to Gas Service

ULC’s pipeline robotics and camera system technologies operate within live conditions, eliminating the need to disrupt service to customers and businesses.

Mitigating Methane Leaks and Releases

Our teams are working every day to minimize the environmental impact of utilities and energy networks by identifying harmful methane leaks and proactively remediating leak-prone pipelines.

Reduction of Carbon Emissions

We are supporting our utility customers’ carbon reduction goals by enabling no-dig, low-dig and trenchless technologies that mitigate harmful emissions.

Reduced Traffic Disruption

Our technologies reduce the need for conventional large-scale excavation to minimize the impact of utility work on vehicles and pedestrians.

Improved Public Safety

Technology being developed by ULC Technologies’ team of engineers will enable utilities to ensure building piping, services and mains are safe to operate and free of leaks.

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