Innovation From Concept to Commercialization

Research and Development Capabilities

ULC Robotics provides concept to commercialization research and development for the gas distribution, electric distribution, steam and industrial markets using in-house resources. Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers, sensor scientists, electro-mechanical technicians, precision machinists, program managers and projects managers bring expertise into every project.

gas network innovation


Concept to Commercialization

ULC Robotics diverse team is able to handle complex R&D projects from concept all the way to commercialization.

Test Environments
Root Cause Analysis
Field Testing
Field Deployment


Precision Machining

To meet the requirements of our designs, ULC Robotics’ expert machinists deliver precise machined parts with zero defects in small prototype runs or full production quantities.

Tight Tolerances
Rapid Prototyping
3D Printing
Full Production Runs
CNC Machining


2D & 3D Design

Our highly skilled mechanical engineers utilize the latest 3D design software enabling us to alter, modify, analyze and improve our work quickly and efficiently as the design progresses.

Concept Development
Detailed Design
Component Selection
Tooling Design
System Level Analysis


3D Modeling & Analysis

Three dimensional modeling and simulation allows our engineers to test and verify concepts prior to manufacturing to rigorously scrutinize choices in materials, minimize material waste and ensure proper functionality.

Flow Analysis
Motion Simulation
Condition Modeling
Assembly Simulation
Material Simulation


Drive Systems

Our expertise in the development of drive systems for complex robotic and crawler systems begins with a solid definition of optimum specifications, dynamic simulation, efficiency modeling and extensive testing.



Advanced Pneumatics

ULC Robotics specializes in the development, fabrication and deployment of pneumatic and fluid systems for robot and tool actuation, and for specialized fluid delivery including couplants and sealants.

Pneumatic Systems
Fluid Systems
Pumping Systems
Hydraulic Systems
Sealants and Couplants


Electronics Design

Our highly skilled electrical engineers are capable of designing custom schematics as well as fabricating and validating custom printed circuit boards using carefully selected, high quality components.

Schematic Layout
Component Selection
PCB Layout
PCB Fabrication
Electronic Validation


Control Systems

User controls are one of the most important aspects of the successful deployment of advanced technology. ULC Robotics is able to develop controls to ensure highly precise and accurate controls of the equipment we design.

User Interface Design
Video System Design
Pneumatic Controls
Motor Controls
Motion Controls


Wireless & RF

Developing devices that operate wirelessly enables cutting edge technology and field services that were otherwise impossible or impractical for use to be implemented. Our team is also skilled in the development and integration of locating equipment.

Wireless Communication
Sonde Design
Wireless Control
Underground Locating


Sensor Integration & Testing

Sensors allow energy companies to gather critical information about their assets. Our team is able to develop new sensors or find ways to utilize and deploy existing sensors for in-situ and non-destructive testing (NDT).

Sensor Design
Sensor Research
Sensor Testing
Sensor Calibration
Sensor Deployment


Software Design

Our team is able to develop software ranging from customized user interfaces, data display and controls for sensor systems to firmware for precise and accurate controls of motors, pneumatic systems and more.

Firmware Programs
User Interface
Systems Integration
Data Visualization
Data Export


Technical Assembly

ULC Robotics employs highly skilled electromechanical assemblers who are capable of completing the build-out of the prototype robotic systems, custom tooling and inspection equipment to support innovation.

Prototype Assembly
Small Run Manuf.
Cable Fabrication
Harness Fabrication
Equipment Testing

Next Steps

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