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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Development for the Utility and Energy Industries

ULC Robotics rapidly develops and implements AI and Machine Learning for the energy, utility and industrial sectors to automate data processing and accelerate the delivery of actionable data. From asset inspection to predictive maintenance, we are enabling our customers to leverage machine learning to improve reliability and accuracy while reducing costs.

Our Machine Learning Applications

Asset Identification and Mapping (AIM) 

Utility companies are required to maintain accurate mapping of their assets, but the manual process of collecting and processing the data and entering it into GIS systems is both cumbersome and costly. ULC Robotics has a machine learning platform that autonomously identifies and maps utility assets such as utility poles and hardware on poles using a vehicle mounted camera system. ULC’s Asset Identification and Mapping (AIM) platform enables utility companies to generate and maintain highly accurate GIS records at a much lower cost.

Automated Inspections of Offshore Wind Foundations Using Drones

ULC Robotics’ aerial services division delivers autonomous inspection of offshore wind foundations using our custom-developed aircraft and machine learning algorithms. High resolution images captured during the flight are processed using machine learning and rapidly delivered to customers.

Offshore Wind Protected Species Observation

We are working to help offshore wind developers improve protected species observation (PSO) by deploying our unmanned aerial systems and utilizing our machine learning algorithm to identify whales approaching nearby operations.

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