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PRX250 Mini Live PE Gas Main Camera Inspection System

New from ULC Technologies, the PRX250 Mini Live Gas Main Camera Inspection System is designed for inspecting your pressurized 2″ and 4″ PE gas distribution mains. Utilizing angular launch, our camera travels up to 400 ft (120m), enabling up to 800 ft (240m) of inspection from just one excavation.

Pipe Diameters:
2″-4″ / 63-101mm

PE and Aldyl-A Pipe

Max Pressure:
60psi / 4bar

Entry Fitting:
Electrofusion fitting with angular branch

Camera Type:
Wide Angle, Fixed

Tether Length:
400ft / 120m

pe gas main camera cctv

Angular launch enables the PRX250 Mini camera to travel further down the gas main and reduces stress on the pushrod cable to reduce excavation and minimize repairs.

PRX250 Mini: Key Benefits

01. Maximize Travel Distance

The PRX250 Mini Camera can be pushed up to 400ft in a PE gas main, allowing customers to inspect 800 ft (240m) from just one excavation.

02. Identify Features

Gas utilities use the PRX250 Mini system to identify features in the main such as service connections, butt fusions and more.

03. Purpose-Built for Safety

The PRX250 Mini and PRX250 as well as the launch method and operations procedures were designed in collaboration with the gas utility industry to ensure the highest levels of safety.

04. Reduce Excavation Costs

Utilities are facing increasing paving and restoration costs. With the ability to travel up to 400ft (120m) in a single direction, our customers can minimize excavation costs associated with inspection.

05. Assess Plastic Pipework

Visually inspect plastic pipe fusions and plastic coupling installations by looking for gaps and dripping plastic or assessing the rollback.

06. High Quality Inspections

Using a motorized cable feeder, the PRX250 Mini camera operator can spend more time focusing on the inspection and less time controlling the camera to improve the quality and efficiency of inspections.

PRX250 Mini System Features

Miniaturized Camera Head: The smaller PRX250 Mini camera head provides a well-lit and clear view of PE gas mains so you can identify features and solve problems.

Motorized Cable Feeder: The PRX250 Mini’s power drive motorized cable feeder will automatically advance the pushrod cable during the inspection. This allows the camera operator to conduct the inspection from outside the excavation and spend more time focusing on the inspection to improve safety and efficiency.

No-Blow/Gas Free Launch Into Live Gas Mains: Our light-weight launcher adapts to electrofusion fittings with an angular branch for entry into live 2″ and 4″ PE gas distribution mains operating up to 60psi (4bar).

15-inch Daylight Readable Display: The PRX250 Mini control box has a large, daylight readable display, video recorder and keyboard in addition to system controls for power, LED adjustment and motor speed. Packed in a rugged case, the PRX250 Mini Control Box can easily withstand typical field conditions.

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