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CISBOT Technology Advances Capabilities to Seal Mechanical Joints

Over the past 10 years, internal robotic cast iron joint sealing has transformed the way gas distribution networks manage critical gas infrastructure. After sealing over 100 miles of jute-filled bell and spigot style joints, CISBOT can now deliver the remediation and repair of mechanical gasket-sealed joints.

“Since CISBOT was first deployed in 2010, our team has worked with our utility customers to make continuous developments in order to meet industry needs across the UK and U.S.,” says Ryan McGowan, VP of Operations at ULC Technologies. “Our latest development with CISBOT now enables our field services group to deploy CISBOT in mechanically jointed mains 15” to 36” in diameter. We are also currently developing capabilities to deploy CISBOT in 42” mains.

Mechanical joints make up approximately 30% of the large diameter cast iron main construction in the U.S. and UK.

“Field samples of mechanically jointed cast iron gas mains provided by Cadent, SGN, PSE&G and Washington Gas enabled our R&D and field operations teams to study joint types and test sealants and application methods,” says Sam Wilson, Director of UK Operations. “We designed and built mechanical joint test rigs that allow us to pressurize pipe samples provided by our clients in a controlled environment. This allowed us to develop, refine and train our team on the new remediation process before taking the technology into the field.”

ULC recently completed a field trial resulting in the successful sealing of mechanical joints on Cadent’s network in the UK. Additional field trials have begun with SGN in the UK as well as National Grid in the US.

Contact our team to discuss how we can provide your utility with robotic internal cast iron gas main remediation services.

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