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Live Gas Main Inspection


In-pipe Intelligence. Industry Expertise.

The real-time intelligence delivered by ULC’s live gas main camera and crawler inspection services helps US and UK gas distribution utilities reduce risks, improve efficiency, lower costs and resolve a wide range of operational challenges.

ULC Technologies works with some of the largest gas networks to conduct live gas main inspection cctv services and deliver detailed reporting, accurate mapping and real-time video.

Live Gas Main Inspection​

Key Benefits

Experienced Field Crews

Our operator qualified crews bring years of experience and expertise in live gas distribution main cctv inspection to deliver high-quality assessments, feature identification, accurate reporting and detailed mapping. 

Leading Technology

Designed and engineered in-house for safe and reliable assessment of live gas mains, ULC’s range of purpose-built camera and crawler systems enable real-time inspection and locating of the gas main and features visible from inside the pipe. 

Industry Expertise

ULC’s team manages large scale inspection and locating programs to support poststorm emergency response, gas main replacement damage prevention and mapping to improve efficiency and safety while reducing costs. 

Live Gas Main Inspection​

Our Technology

M1 Crawler

Diameter Range: 24″-48″ / 609+mm | Applications: Cast Iron, Steel

The successful delivery of insertion projects involving large diameter medium pressure mains are often complicated by internal seals and obstacles which may prevent the insertion process or damage newly inserted PE pipe. The M1 Live Gas Main Inspection Crawler System navigates past these internal seals and other obstacles to deliver comprehensive visual pre-insertion data that minimizes excavation, improves project efficiency and enables more accurate project cost projections.

Live Gas Main Inspection​

What We Do

Water Intrusion & Poor Pressure

Our crews help utilities avoid costly guesswork and quickly resolve water blockages by locating the low points where water in the main is blocking the flow of gas and by investigating and identifying the source of water infiltration.

Eliminate 3rd Party Damage

Using our specialized equipment, our teams pinpoint the exact location of your mains along with all pipeline features—even those not traceable by traditional locating methods. The resulting mark out provides the road map construction crews need to ensure project efficiency and safety. ULC manages large scale programs in conjunction with cast iron replacement programs and Aldyl-A replacement programs. 

Pre Rehabilitation Mapping

Prior to gas main rehabilitation using CISBOT, lining and insertion, our crews identify and mark out features such as offsets, drip pots, valves and protruding services that might delay the project, increase project costs or even damage material during the rehabilitation process. Data delivered by ULC Technologies improves project planning, helps determine more accurate project costs and improves go / no-go decision making.

Identify, Inspect & Locate Features

Utilities have an increasing need to identify and inspect features in gas mains. ULC’s crews provide detailed video and mapping of features such as couplings, stub services, tees and valves. From within the gas main, our camera and crawler systems can deliver a detailed visual assessment of PE pipework to identify imperfections that may not be visible from outside the pipe.

Unlocatable PE

ULC Technologies is helping utilities resolve challenges around unlocatable PE gas mains by providing a means of locating and mapping the main and all features visible from within the pipe. Our crews provide pinpoint accurate markout for excavation crews or accurate utility mapping so utilities can update mapping.

Hear From Real Customers

Clint W.
– Chief Construction Inspector, Orange & Rockland Utilities

Before we excavate for replacement of Aldyl-A pipe, we always call ULC to help us avoid third party damages in the field. We won’t dig until ULC marks the main using their long range cameras. Their marks are spot-on, which means fewer holes in the street for our community.

Brett Fisher
– Supervisor of Construction, Elizabethtown Gas

Before we brought in ULC, we had to rely on old records and some of the curb lines have changed or streets have widened, making it challenging to locate the stubs. In-Pipe Locating is a good program to bring in to help us locate the stubs and possibly prevent damages when we’re installing our new gas main.

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