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Advanced Gas Main Mapping & Locating Services


In-Pipe Locating: Advanced Gas Distribution Mapping & Inspection Services


Accurate and complete mapping of gas distribution assets is critical to support pipeline safety, damage prevention and distribution integrity, but missing and incomplete maps lead to increased risk of damages and costly guesswork in the field.

ULC Technologies’ In-Pipe Locating and Mapping Services combines our innovative live gas main inspection technology with powerful data management and mapping software to deliver actionable data and mapping on the cloud.

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Key Benefits

Unparalleled Accuracy

Using our sonde enabled inspection technology, our teams provide pinpoint accurate mark-out of the gas main and all features visible within the pipeline.

Minimize Costly Guesswork

Accurate mark-out and GPS mapping reduces unnecessary excavation and costly guesswork while working to eliminate third party damages to your assets.

Live Gas Inspections

All gas main and gas service inspections are performed under live conditions to avoid customer disruptions. Our camera and crawler systems are designed for safe use in live gas.

Cloud-Based Dashboard

Project reporting, inspection video and images of pipeline features are available to your teams upon completion of the inspection right from the GraniteNet cloud-based dashboard.

Improved Project Management

Cloud-based software streamlines the
management of large-scale inspection and mapping projects while improving QA/QC.

AI-Enabled Inspections

ULC Technologies can automate elements of video data review and support inspection quality by integrating machine learning.

In-pipe Locating​

How It Works

ULC Technologies has responded to the gas distribution industry’s need for pinpoint accurate and complete mapping of mains and services by integrating powerful, cloud-based mapping into our innovative inspection services.

In-Pipe Locating has been trusted by the industry for over 10 years to support damage prevention, project planning, distribution integrity and more. Our team brings extensive industry expertise and in-pipe technology to deliver inspection, locating and mapping projects across the country.

Live Gas Main Inspection

Our teams deploy our bespoke camera and crawler systems into your live assets to visually inspect the main or service.

  • Pushrod camera systems for inspection live of 2″-12″ gas mains operating up to 99psi
  • Tracked inspection crawlers for inspection of live 12″-48″ gas mains operating up to 99psig
  • Pushrod cameras for inspection of live gas services ranging from 1/2″ to 2″

Feature Identification

With the camera inside the gas main, our team visually identifies features such as taps, fusions, branches and more. Anything we see in the pipe can be marked out and mapped:

  • Taps for service tees and stubs
  • Offsets and changes in depth
  • Joints, welds and fusions
  • Valves, plugs and couplings

Mark Out & Mapping of Assets

The location and depth of the gas main or pipeline feature is located and marked out using a GPS-enabled sonde receiver. 

Cloud-Based Data & Reporting

In-pipe video, project mapping and other inspection details are accessed from the cloud-based dashboard.

  • Cloud-based access to project reports, videos and images
  • GPS location of the main and pipeline features
  • Improved management of large-scale inspection projects

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Gas Utility Applications

Gas Main Replacement Programs

In-Pipe Locating can provide excavation contractors with the accurate and complete mark out information they need to avoid damaging mains and pipeline features during replacement.

Unlocateable Aldyl-A and Plastic Gas Mains

Our locating service is an ideal solution for locating buried plastic gas mains, including Aldyl-A, where there is no tracer wire or the tracing wire is broken.

Gas Distribution Main Mapping

In-Pipe Locating can be utilized to update utility mapping that is known to be outdated, incomplete or missing to ensure data is accurate.

Stub Service Locating

Stub service connections continue to be a leading cause of third party damages to gas distribution facilities. Our team can pinpoint the location of stubs to improve safety.

Locating Gas Main Features

Our team deploys our solution to identify and mark out specific features in the pipe such as butt fusions, joints, couplings, tees and other connections.

Support Uprating Projects

Our locating method can be used to ensure the safety of gas main uprating projects. Crews identify features and connections in the system to ensure the network is ready prior to introducing higher pressures.

Hear From Real Customers

Clint W.
– Chief Construction Inspector, Orange & Rockland Utilities

Before we excavate for replacement of Aldyl-A pipe, we always call ULC to help us avoid third party damages in the field. We won’t dig until ULC marks the main using their long range cameras. Their marks are spot-on, which means fewer holes in the street for our community.

Brett Fisher
– Supervisor of Construction, Elizabethtown Gas

Before we brought in ULC, we had to rely on old records and some of the curb lines have changed or streets have widened, making it challenging to locate the stubs. In-Pipe Locating is a good program to bring in to help us locate the stubs and possibly prevent damages when we’re installing our new gas main.

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