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Live Gas Service Inspection


Live Gas Service Line Inspections

ULC Technologies works with some of the largest gas networks to conduct live gas service line inspection services; delivering detailed reporting and real-time video.

Our inspection services support pinpointing issues for repairs or replacement programs, mapping out features along the service and identifying material changes. The information obtained from our live gas service line inspection services eliminates costly guesswork, eliminates unnecessary excavations and prioritizes maintenance activities.

Comprehensive Pipeline Integrity and Visual Inspection Data

Verify PE Pipe Work

Our crews can verify
PE pipe work across all
colors and brands of
PE. We can identify and
locate fusions in support
of contractor QA/QC

Identify Copper

The presence of copper
materials are considered
a risk in the industry. Our
trained field crews are
easily able to identify
characteristics in copper
material to assist in
replacement efforts.

Locate Transitions

Our crews can pinpoint
couplings and fittings to
identify where different
pipe materials begin and
end in support of integrity management.

Identify Steel

The inability to differentiate copper and steel services can lead to unnecessary, disruptive excavations. Our crews can easily identify characteristics of steel pipe.

Map Out Gaslight Tees

Our experienced field
crews are able to identify
and pinpoint old gas light
tees to support integrity
management and
mapping efforts.

Service Inspections

What We Provide

Enhanced Video Quality

The high definition camera delivers in-pipe intelligence up to 160ft out from the riser valve and can easily traverse through common valves and fittings. Data delivered by our teams’ inspection services enable the identification of different pipe materials such as PE, Copper and Steel, in addition to supporting mapping efforts and verifying features such as fusions, fittings and gas light tees.

No-Blow Entry Method

Our service line inspection systems enter services up to 60psi using a custom no-blow launch tube. Our launch methods adapt to your services using a variety of industry standard fitting and valve combinations. ULC’s highly trained and operator qualified technicians install the no-blow launch tube directly to the riser valve at the meter set.

Experienced Field Crews

Our field crews bring years of experience and expertise in live gas distribution inspections including over 35 operator qualifications for inspection work alone. This background enables our teams to deliver high-quality assessments, feature identification, accurate reporting and detailed mapping. 

Detailed Reporting & Data

In addition to viewing the inspection in real-time, inspections can be recorded and saved as digital media to keep on record and share. Crews can also provide written reports, breaking down the inspection in detail, including any features or anomalies in the pipe as well as their location.

Ready to map out your Services?

Contact our team to discuss our Live Gas Service Line Inspection Services:

Gas Utility Applications

Repair and Replacement Programs

Our services support excavation contractors in accurately locating issues for repair or replacement programs to eliminate guesswork and avoid unnecessary excavations.

Identifying Pipe Materials

ULC’s experienced field teams are able to confidently identify material changes and locate copper lines. The comprehensive visual data provided will help distinguish between PE, Copper and Steel pipe.

Verifying PE Work and Locating Features

Our inspection services can be utilized to verify PE work to support contractor QA/QC, as well as pinpoint old gas light tees to support integrity management and update utility mapping.

Hear From Real Customers

Clint W.
– Chief Construction Inspector, Orange & Rockland Utilities

Before we excavate for replacement of Aldyl-A pipe, we always call ULC to help us avoid third party damages in the field. We won’t dig until ULC marks the main using their long range cameras. Their marks are spot-on, which means fewer holes in the street for our community.

Brett Fisher
– Supervisor of Construction, Elizabethtown Gas

Before we brought in ULC, we had to rely on old records and some of the curb lines have changed or streets have widened, making it challenging to locate the stubs. In-Pipe Locating is a good program to bring in to help us locate the stubs and possibly prevent damages when we’re installing our new gas main.

Ready to Talk?

Contact our team to learn how our services support gas main damage prevention, eliminate 3rd party damages and locate stubs.