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Electrical Conduit Inspection Services


Wireless Long-Range Conduit Inspection Services

Using our specialized, wireless conduit inspection system, ULC Technologies can assess the structural integrity of conduits consisting of all industry-standard materials. Wireless operation enables continuous long-range inspections, covering up to 5,000ft from one access point. Real-time visual inspection with an on-screen digital footage counter validates locations of any debris or obstructions within the conduit on-site to reduce damage to the cable during installation, saving you time and money.

Key Benefits

Quickly Find Damages

Our long-range, wireless system is equipped with high-resolution cameras, high-intensity LED lighting and onboard recording to perform visual inspections of 6″ – 8″ conduits to confirm there are no damages or obstructions.

Detailed Inspection Data

When the inspection concludes, our team provides a digital recording of the inspection and mapping assisted by an onboard digital footage counter displayed on screen to identify any features or damages.

Enhanced Project Planning

Confirming visually the condition of the conduit will lead to efficiencies in the new cable installation process while avoiding damage to costly material.

Secondary Wireless Camera

An additional wireless camera allows for real-time video feedback, the ability to control the inspection process and close monitoring of any problematic areas.

Electrical Conduit Inspection

How It Works

Wireless, Long-Range Capabilities

Our Electrical Conduit Inspection System is installed through an access point and then pulled along the entirety of the conduit, covering up to 5,000ft. Wireless operation enables uninterrupted long-range inspections.

Data Collection

The high-resolution, forward-facing camera with high-intensity LED lighting enables capture of detailed video from within the conduit. The onboard digital footage counter displayed on-screen provides precise locations of any features or anomalies from within the conduit.

Real-Time Inspection

ULC’s team works on-site with you to review real-time inspection data, as the ruggedized control box with 15” daylight readable monitor displays a live-stream of inspection.

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