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Electrical Conduit Inspection


Electrical Conduit Camera Inspection Services

Let us show you how inspecting your conduits and ducts before you pull new cable can reduce outages, and save you time and money. Using advanced robotic technology we can assess the structural integrity of your conduits in concrete, clay or plastic. We can even inspect your fiber ducts and help you remove blistering.

Quickly Find a Damaged Conduit

ULC Technologies performs a visual inspection of the conduit to precisely locate where access pits need to be created. Our camera equipment can pinpoint the locations of any damage in your conduits.

Accurate Locating

Some of our camera equipment has built-in sondes that allow our team to mark out the location of conduits from the street surface.

Water Locating and Removal

Some of our conduit inspection equipment is waterproof, allowing our team to inspect your conduits even if they’re filled with water. In addition, we also have equipment that can extract water from conduits.

Inspection Data and Documentation

At the end of each conduit inspection project our team delivers a recording of the entire conduit inspection, as well as detailed, written documentation that outlines the features or damage located during the inspection.

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