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Cross Bore Technology Update: ULC Launches Second Pilot Program on the West Coast

ULC Deploys X-ID Cross Bore Technology to Inspect Live Legacy Service Lines for The First Time

ULC Technologies’ field crews are out in San Francisco deploying our X-ID cross bore inspection technology for the first time in live gas service lines. Working with a utility partner on the West Coast, our team is de-risking cross bores in ½ – 2” inch service lines, focusing on locations that were not able to be inspected by traditional sewer-based inspection methods.

To access the live gas service line, ULC technicians install a no blow launch system to the riser valve at the meter set, deploy our sensor through the service line and inspect out to the gas main. ULC transmits an acoustic signal into the sewer system through large speakers inserted under manhole covers. Additionally, secondary speakers are installed in the trap cleanouts to ensure our acoustic signal infiltrates the entire sewer lateral.

The goal of this pilot program is to eliminate cross bore risks and enhance customer safety by inspecting locations/addresses that were unable to be accessed through conventional methods. At the completion of the program, more than 300 previously inaccessible service lines are planned to be inspected.

While this is ULC’s first cross bore inspection of live service lines using the X-ID technology, our sensor can also be deployed to support both legacy cross bore inspection programs and new construction activity in gas mains and services.

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