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Live Gas Main CCTV Camera:

PRX250 Live Gas Main Camera Inspection System

This gas main inspection camera is used by some of the largest gas distribution utilities to enable higher quality, more cost-effective and more reliable inspections of pressurized plastic and metallic mains.

gas pipeline drawdown compressor

Prevent Release of Natural Gas:

ULC Drawdown Compressor

ULC Technology’s Drawdown Compressor is used by gas utilities to take natural gas from an isolated section of pipe and move it back into the active system to help meet net zero goals and reduce impact to the environment.

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High Volume Purge Unit

The High Volume Purge Unit, or Super Purge, is used by gas distribution utilities as a cost-effective means to purge segments of mains. Using diesel compressor exhaust as an inert gas, gas utilities can reduce the amount they spend on bottled nitrogen while improving safety.

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