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ULC Technologies Announces New UK Leadership

Steve Green, the General Manager of ULC Technologies, announced this month that Philip Pearson had been promoted to Head of UK Field Operations.

Philip joined ULC Technologies from Cadent Gas in 2019 as a Project Manager for CISBOT remediation works on behalf of both Cadent and SGN. In early 2022, Philip became the UK Program Manager, and following this latest promotion, Philip is responsible for the overall planning and day-to-day delivery of UK operations as part of the ULC leadership team. Philip brings the knowledge and experience needed at ULC Technologies in the United Kingdom having worked closely with Sam Wilson, the previous UK Operations Manager. Philip is tasked with continuing to deliver on ULC’s quality service offerings and future goals that deliver measurable benefits to our stakeholders and customers.

As part of the same announcement, David McLeod, the UK Head of Business Development, assumes expanded leadership responsibilities for Business Development in Field Operations to enable strategic growth for the UK. At the same time, David retains ongoing responsibilities for developing R&D projects in the US and UK markets. David also became part of the extended ULC Technologies leadership team having worked for the organisation for the last 5 years after joining ULC Technologies from SGN.

David is “excited to play his part in continuing to drive growth both in the UK and internationally whether that be around gas inspection and remediation or with regards to a host of new solutions which ULC’s R&D engineers are developing in collaboration with key energy utilities.

Looking ahead to early 2024, the organization is further investing in a bespoke site surveying vehicle that can be rapidly deployed to any location in the UK and Ireland as well as several zero-emission vehicles for everyday use to reduce carbon emissions from day-to-day operations.


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