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Upcoming Webinar – Robots That Can, Do: The Future of Automation for the Power Sector

In 2023, power networks balance challenges around reliability and resiliency. Complex issues around safety, work quality, and repeatability require energy networks to innovate to meet the exacting demands of customers and stakeholders. Technology, robotics, and automation hold a promise to help realize future energy networks that are easier and safer to build, operate, and maintain. The question today is where are we as an industry and how do we realize the goal?

Ongoing innovation efforts across the sector are working to solve key challenges. Networks are partnering with agile organizations that are creating autonomous solutions for electric cable end preparation, breaker racking, mapping, inspection, and more. These robotic solutions can have a positive impact on customers as well as workers by doing the heavy lifting, reducing injuries, and potentially saving lives.

In this webinar, the panel will discuss the ultimate potential of robotics, AI, and automation within the power sector. Sign up now to hear about a selection of robotics projects at networks and what the panel of experts believe the future holds for network operators including:

  • The latest robotic technologies for the power sector
  • The potential of combining robots with AI and machine learning
  • Where robotics and automation will deliver the most benefit to power networks
  • How the deployment of robots can help support net-zero goals
  • How technology will transform the workforce

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