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Virtual Event | RRES Field Trials Event with SGN

ULC Technologies and UK gas distribution network, SGN, are preparing for field trial testing of the revolutionary Ofgem funded innovation project, the Robotic Roadworks and Excavation System (RRES).  RRES will be participating in an internal live field trial late-March and a public facing event to demonstrate the all-electric excavation robot.

ULC and SGN’s RRES team will be co-hosting a virtual public event for industry and project stakeholders on April 13. This event will provide an overview of the project from concept to development, and will discuss the robotic system’s capabilities using recapped footage from the field trial demonstrations.

RRES was combines below-ground locating sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide safer, faster and smarter roadworks. Discussing the technology, the RRES project team will participate in a panel session involving Dr. Ali Asmari (ULC Technologies, RRES Project Engineering Lead), John Richardson (SGN, Head of Innovation), Ollie Machan (SGN, RRES Project Lead), and Rob Kodakek (ULC, President of ULC Businesses). Following the panel discussion, the team will participate in a live Q&A, answering submitted questions from the audience throughout the event to conclude the session.

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