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A CISBOT Christmas: Collaborative Utility Approach

Project Overview

During the festive period, the historic streets of Whitechapel were undergoing essential work by Cadent and Thames Water to futureproof the networks in the area. With the support from the Greater London Authority and Transport for London (TfL), Cadent delivered a minimal disruptive programme of work by using ULC’s robotic technology to remediate a 150m section of pipeline.


Industry: Gas

Client: Cadent

Location: London, UK

Pipe Diameter: 20″

Total Length Remediated: 150m

Project Duration: 3 Weeks

Days of Disruption Avoided: 18

Business Areas Addressed:

  • Gas Remediation


  • Eliminated the need for large scale excavations and trenching
  • Zero interruptions to customers’ gas supply
  • Minimised project noise by using eco-cabin control unit
  • 24hr operations enabled the project to be completed ahead of schedule
  • Future-proofed the gas main for a minimum of 50 years

Project Detail

At Mile End Road, ULC’s operatives deployed CISBOT inside a 20” gas main to help Cadent keep the energy flowing to customers. Working live inside the main, CISBOT successfully sealed 40 joints and travelled 150m from only one excavation. The work was carried out working on a 24hr shift rotation pattern with zero interruptions to supply.

Cadent would typically encounter challenges with replacing and maintaining their infrastructure in a high-profile area using conventional methods, such as:

cisbot environmental benefits

CISBOT provided Cadent with a reliable solution to extend the life of by a minimum of 50 years, saving future disruption and providing significant cost savings. The use of CISBOT and ULC’s 24hr work at Whitechapel minimised the need for multiple excavations, resulting in saving 18 days of disruption to the area.


“I feel the outcome and slick delivery of the Whitechapel/collaborative project was a pure example of the engrained working relationship Cadent and ULC have built over the years. The methodical ways of our working shone through and built good foundations with varied stakeholders for future collaborative working projects.”

Ollie Shanks, Network Engineer/Capital Delivery, Cadent

Collaborative Approach

The project adopted a collaborative approach, combining and capturing several projects within one wider programme of work. With utility work taking place across Mile End Road, ULC operatives deployed CISBOT by Whitman Road and remediated the 150m which ranged from Westfield Way to Grove Road.

To ensure the project ran smoothly, regular meetings were organised between the different parties to keep up to date with the progress being made. Taking a collaborative approach to deliver the overall project resulted in reducing the delivery time of the project, and avoiding further disruption if the projects were carried out individually.


“I have been working along with Cadent Gas CISBOT team, assisting them to plan CISBOT works within Tower Hamlets Borough. The collaborative works on Mile End Road went well with minimum disruption on the network. I feel this is a great way to repair leaks on gas mains. It is quick, efficient and this method reduces the impact on the network.”

Ramesh Vekaria, Works Assessment Manager for East London, Transport for London

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