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Remediating Sloane Square’s Gas Mains Using CISBOT

Project Overview

Carrying our traditional mains replacement works in Kensington and Chelsea is extremely challenging, particularly because the Borough consists of high profile streets located off Sloane Square such as Chelsea Bridge Road and Sloane Square. Traditionally, street works create typical challenges including major disruption and inconvenience to London’s traffic management systems, local residents and businesses. As a result, ULC Pipeline Robotics supported Cadent, working closely with local councillors to deliver an innovative remediation solution using CISBOT. 

Industry: Gas

Client: Cadent

Location: London, UK

Total Length Remediated: 5,000m

Total Joints Sealed: 1,300

Total Excavations: 20

Project Duration Reduced By: 80%

Business Areas Addressed:

  • Gas Remediation


  • Eliminated the need for large scale excavations, saving traffic and public disruption
  • CISBOT reduced the project delivery time by 80%
  • Cost savings for Cadent from highway possession
  • Zero emissions  were generated on site from using an eco-cabin control unit
  • 24hr operations enabled the project to be completed 8 weeks ahead of schedule
  • Future-proofed the gas main for a minimum of 50 years, avoiding future disruption

Project Detail

Cadent partnered with ULC Robotics to remediate more than 1,300 joints using CISBOT, after gaining the significant support from The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council. The project was completed in 44 weeks – an 80% reduction in the time traditional works would have taken.

The Sloane Square project involved 8 phases where CISBOT was deployed in almost 20 pits around the streets located off Sloane Square, working on 18”, 20”, 24” and 36” diameter mains. Due to the high-profile and potentially disruptive locations of work surrounding Sloane Square, ULC Robotics strategically positioned their launch locations to ensure that traffic lanes and lights were still in use on any major bus routes and that minimal disruption was caused to members of the public and road users.

Cadent would typically face challenges with replacing and maintaining their assets, including:

cisbot environmental benefits


“Through the use of CISBOT, the project was completed within 7 months as opposed to nearly 3 years if more conventional methods of replacement were used. This is unprecedented and is one of our biggest successes so far in terms of positive network management. I applaud Cadent and ULC Pipeline Robotics positive and progressive approach in using innovative techniques such as CISBOT and look forward to building on our working relationship going forward.”

Tony Pegrum, Network Manager, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council


Using Innovative Robotics to Drive Success

Through the use of innovative robotic technology, the following benefits were delivered during this project:

  • Supporting net zero: Zero emissions were generated on site, as CISBOT was deployed from solar-powered mobile eco-cabin units
  • Minimised noise: ULC’s eco-cabins created minimal noise and the opportunity to introduce 24hr working on site
  • Reduced times: 24hr operations enabled the remediation project to be completed 8 weeks ahead of schedule
  • Reduced sites: Eliminated the need for large scale excavations in traditional mains replacement as CISBOT can travel 430m from a single launch
  • Supply reliability: There were no interruptions to customers’ gas supply as joint sealing took place live in the gas main
  • Roadway integrity: Minimising excavation of the roadway preserved the long-term structural integrity of the street and minimises future maintenence
“CISBOT delivers essential work to the gas network underground with minimal disruption to the public on the surface. That’s great news for the public who get to enjoy the continued provision of safe and reliable gas supplies with a lot less above ground disruption as shown by our recent work in Sloane Square.”

Stuart Cull, Network Supervisor, Cadent

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