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Purpose-Built VTOL UAS for Long Range Inspections

Capitalizing on enhanced safety and built in the U.S., ULC’s V3000 will deliver high-quality data to enable more informed decision making, rapid emergency response, and more efficient operations both on- and offshore.

Key Benefits

Hybrid Propulsion

Compact and lightweight, the gas engine and electrical power system combine to provide unparalleled performance for long-range flights.

Scalable Performance

Information obtained through thermal, LiDAR, multispectral, and other payloads equip clients with actionable data to enhance insight and productivity.

Reliable Flight Operations

The V3000 is fault-tolerant and developed with redundant systems to deliver the safest and most reliable flight operations over critical assets and infrastructure.

Long-Range Endurance

Developed for a 5+ hour flight time, the V3000 can safely carry out a range of emergency response surveys and inspections for more extensive coverage.

Versatile Applications

With the ability to carry multiple sensors in a single payload, ULC’s VTOL UAV is able to simultaneously obtain multiple data sets from one flight to improve efficiency and lower costs.

R&D Platform
ULC’s team of engineers, pilots and project managers work with the industry to develop, integrate, and test new payloads as well as advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.
UAS Research & Development

Developing Next Generation UAS Applications

ULC Technologies collaborates with energy, utility and industrial companies to develop, pilot and commercialize new UAS applications. From sensor integration to the development of machine learning applications, we can help your business work smarter.

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