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VTOL UAS for Utility and Energy Inspection

Purpose-Built VTOL UAS for Long-Range Inspections

Capitalizing on enhanced safety and built in the U.S., ULC’s V3000 will deliver high-quality data to enable more informed decision making, rapid emergency response, and more efficient operations both on- and offshore.

Key Benefits

01. Hybrid Propulsion

Compact and lightweight, the gas engine and electrical power system combine to provide unparalleled performance for long-range flights.

02. Scalable Performance

Information obtained through thermal, LiDAR, multispectral, and other payloads equip clients with actionable data to enhance insight and productivity.

03. Reliable Flight Operations

The V3000 is fault-tolerant and developed with redundant systems to deliver the safest and most reliable flight operations over critical assets and infrastructure.

04. Long-Range Endurance

Developed for a 5+ hour flight time, the V3000 can safely carry out a range of emergency response surveys and inspections for more extensive coverage.

05. Versatile Applications

With the ability to carry multiple sensors in a single payload, ULC’s VTOL UAV is able to simultaneously obtain multiple data sets from one flight to improve efficiency and lower costs.

06. Research & Development

ULC’s team of engineers, pilots and project managers work with the industry to develop, integrate, and test new payloads as well as advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

System Overview

ULC Technologies’ team of engineers, UAV pilots and technicians are building and testing a first-of-its-kind vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing aircraft designed for safe and reliable long-range unmanned aerial inspection and monitoring flights near critical utility and energy industry assets.

Sensors and Payloads

01. Infrared

Our team utilizes infrared cameras to identify potential issues that affect system reliability.

02. LiDAR Mapping

High-end geospatial modeling and surveying of utility assets and right-of-ways.

03. High-Resolution Cameras

Our UAV crews utilize high resolution cameras to deliver detailed imagery and real-time video.

vtol uas based gas leak detection

04. Gas Leak Detection

We utilize a highly accurate methane detection sensor to detect, locate and quantify methane emissions.

Industry Applications

01. Electric T&D Inspections:

Aerial inspections of transmission and distribution systems provide utility clients with a comprehensive view of their assets to help pinpoint problem areas and improve system reliability.

02. Parts & Package Delivery:

ULC’s V3000 VTOL UAV currently has a payload capacity of 10 to 15 pounds. The aircraft may be scaled up to transport heavy weight payloads.

03. Gas Pipeline Monitoring:

With long-range flight capabilities, ULC’s VTOL UAV can quickly fly along your gas pipeline right-of-way to collect data identifying missing markers, gas leaks, encroachment, and other disturbances.

04. Substations & Electric Facilities:

High-resolution cameras and thermal sensors are flown over electric facilities to inspect for hot spots, damaged assets, and security breaches before they cause reliability issues or outages.

05. Utility Vegetation Management:

ULC Robotics’ pilots conduct flights over critical assets to identify vegetation clearances and assess vegetation growth with the use of high-resolution imagery and LiDAR.

06. Offshore Wind Farm Inspections:

Our V3000 is crafted to support all areas of offshore wind activities including pre-construction, marine life surveys, structural inspections to ensure all work is carried out safely.

Our team develops purpose-built, fault-tolerant unmanned aerial systems, made right here in America.

US-Built UAS

Fault-Tolerant Design

High Reliability

Built-in Redundancy

Next Steps

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