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Concept to Commercialization Robotics Engineering and Technology Development

The energy and utilities industries are at an exciting intersection where decade-old business problems are now being addressed with technological possibilities. ULC Technologies is a robotics engineering company that works closely with our clients to turn these possibilities into commercialized products and services that transform the way energy infrastructure is inspected, maintained and repaired.

For more than 20 years we have worked closely with the utility, energy and industrial markets to deliver innovative robotic technology, inspection systems, unmanned aerial systems and improved processes that makes energy network inspection, maintenance and repair operations less costly, while reducing environmental impact and public disruption.

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Our Innovation Team

ULC Technologies has a team of more than 40 people in our robotics development and technology development department who are dedicated to building solutions to energy, utility and industrial industry problems. Our mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, sensor scientists, expert machinists, software engineers, firmware developers, machine learning experts, electro-mechanical technicians and robot field operators work together to turn ideas into commercialized solutions.

Award Winning Expertise

Both ULC Technologies and their clients have shared accolades for developing some of the most innovative technologies in the energy industry. Recognition includes being listed as a Top 50 Global Robotics Company by Robotics Business Review over the last four years, a 2019 UK Society for Trenchless Technology (UKSTT) award, and media coverage in publications such as the New York Times, Boston Globe and BBC.

Innovation Based in Reality

With robotics development and robotics-as-a-service under the same roof, we bring extensive knowledge of real-world technology deployment experience into every research and development project. ULC employs highly trained, operator qualified crews who carry out field tasks ranging from deploying complex robotic and inspection systems that operate in live gas mains to conducting challenging unmanned aerial inspection missions both on- and offshore.

This experience allows our innovation teams to understand the real-world conditions that our robotics and technology will be applied to ensure we develop commercially viable solutions that will work in the field and not just a lab environment.

  • gas utility robotics
  • ABB Air Gap Inspector
  • m1 live gas main crawler system
    M1 Crawler
  • Autonomous Breaker Racking Robot
  • Robotic Roadworks & Excavation System
  • AIM: AI-Based Utility Mapping

We Deliver Innovative Solutions

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop technology and solutions that makes energy network maintenance and repair operations less costly, while reducing environmental impact and public disruption.


Robotic Systems

Our company has developed unique robotic systems and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that perform complex, yet highly effective assessment, inspection and remote repair functions for utility and energy companies. These technologies get more work done in less time and at a much lower cost than traditional methods.


Inspection Systems

ULC Technologies has developed a range of custom camera and crawler inspection equipment that allows energy and utility networks to collect critical visual, sensor and measurement data from hard to access locations.


AI & Machine Learning

Using data provided by our customers or obtained through our field crews, ULC Robotics rapidly develops AI and Machine Learning applications for the energy, utility and industrial sectors so our customers can lower costs and improve efficiency.


Process Design

Our team has taken outdated, resource-intensive processes and developed updated no-dig and core/vac methods to get the same work done at a much lower cost, in less time and with significantly less disruption to the public and environment.


Technology & Development Areas

No-Dig and No-Hole Processes

 No-Blow and Gas Free

 Trenchless Technology

 Technology for Pressurized Environments

 Custom Crawler Development

 High Temperature Robots and Tools

 Measurement Devices

 Re-Imagination of Failed Projects

Who We Work With

ULC Technologies is a robotics engineering company that works with some of the largest global energy and industrial clients to develop robotic technology, new tooling and machine learning processes.

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