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UAS-Focused Research and Development

Unmanned aerial inspections and surveys of difficult to access structures and pipelines allow for safe, efficient and high quality visual and sensor assessments of transmission and distribution towers, bridges, buildings and pipelines; or as a damage assessment tool. ULC Technologies works with the utility, industrial, and energy industries to develop applications for drone technology, integrate sensors and machine learning and build bespoke unmanned aircraft..

Drone Utility Inspection Services

Why We're Different

Industry Experience

ULC Technologies’ engineering and operations teams bring more than 20 years of technology development and robotics-as-a-service expertise into our R&D programs. We understand how to integrate new technology and processes into existing utility workflows.

Machine Learning

To streamline data review and processing, our team can build proprietary machine learning platforms designed around your inspection requirements and criteria.

Sensor Integration

Our engineers and Ph.D. sensor scientists collaborate to integrate existing sensors into drones, build new sensors for aerial deployment or develop software interfaces to make sense of sensor data.

We’re A Team Of Builders

We’re always innovating. Our engineering team develops custom UAS and payloads to meet the needs of utility, energy and industrial inspections through research and development.

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Hear From Real Customers

Clint W.
– Chief Construction Inspector, Orange & Rockland Utilities

Before we excavate for replacement of Aldyl-A pipe, we always call ULC to help us avoid third party damages in the field. We won’t dig until ULC marks the main using their long range cameras. Their marks are spot-on, which means fewer holes in the street for our community.

Brett Fisher
– Supervisor of Construction, Elizabethtown Gas

Before we brought in ULC, we had to rely on old records and some of the curb lines have changed or streets have widened, making it challenging to locate the stubs. In-Pipe Locating is a good program to bring in to help us locate the stubs and possibly prevent damages when we’re installing our new gas main.

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